Key elements for improving business plan execution

Implementing high-performance business processes takes knowledgeable people, sustainable processes and the right tools.


Business Plan Execution Process Improvement
  • Executive sponsor
  • Project team leader
  • Project team
  • Process owner
  • Process participants responsible for process input
  • Process participants who use process outputs


Plan development
  • Assess business
  • Develop plan
  • Test for constraints*
  • Deconstruct into executable elements*
  • Establish performance measurements*
Plan management
  • Execute plan
  • Collect measurement data*
  • Conduct plan review*
  • Evaluate and reward participants*
  • Refine and update plan

*Often neglected, these areas are typically strong candidates for improvement.


The right software—supported by the right people and processes—can prove invaluable in effectively managing improved business plan execution. We help your team select the best the tools for your business. In some cases, this simply means more fully utilizing something you already use in-house.

Technology to support business plan execution
  • Business plan management tools, for tracking and managing key elements via a Web-based database application; see example
  • Microsoft Office applications, like Excel, for tracking business plan execution elements
  • Employee performance management tools
  • Balanced score applications
Technology to support performance measurement
  • Accounting reports
  • Database applications to collect and report on key performance indicators
  • Manufacturing system reports
  • Product development system reports
  • Customer management and sales systems reports
  • Human resource management reports