Our Services

GOmanage helps you improve business performance through sustainable process improvements. Each business is unique, so we tailor the ultimate solution and implementation to your unique objectives, requirements, resources and business culture.

Assessing your current business plan execution (BPE)

First we learn about your business. We do a thorough assessment of your current business plan execution process before developing recommendations.

Developing a process improvement plan

Based on your objectives and our BPE improvement recommendations, we develop a process improvement plan. The elements include:

  • Establishing a project team
  • Assisting with development of new process designs
  • Creating implementation and training plans
  • Building a technology plan for process tracking
  • Laying out a process ownership matrix
  • Determining performance measurements
  • Developing performance compensation plans

Implementing process improvements

With a well-defined plan in place, we assist the executive and project teams with training, technology deployment, coaching, evaluating performance data, process refinements, and business plan updates based on emerging results. If desired, we will also assist with outsourcing program management.

About us

Our principal consultant has many years experience in a variety of industries including technology, manufacturing, natural resources, real-estate, not-for-profit, restaurants, construction and consulting. He has been a business advisor, board member, CEO, CFO, CPA, and Partner and National Director of Entrepreneurial Consulting for Ernst & Young LLP.

HIs diverse background enables him to advise business owners and teams and to help them put processes in place to accomplish their objectives.